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The Legalities of a Car Accident in Washington


Life doesn’t come with guarantees and danger could be lurking around the corner anytime. Car accidents are one of the most common types of mishaps that claim lives and cause serious/minor injuries. Passengers, drivers and other individuals involved in a car accident in Washington should have a proper understanding of the state car accident laws in order to make their claim or lawsuit over the mishap or car accident.truck accident seattle washington

All vehicle owners are required by law to show financial responsibility in case they are involved in an accident where they are at fault. Washington’s Financial Responsibility Requirement to be carried out by such car owners is quite sizeable, therefore car owners generally rely on car insurance policies to fulfil this responsibility. In the State of Washington, USD 25000 is the norm required to be forked out by the guilty part in case of personal injury or death of a single individual. In case of injury or death of multiple individuals, the offending party needs to fork out USD 50000 in total. For property damage or damage to the other vehicle, USD 10000 is the compensation by law.

Whether you’re filing a lawsuit for the car accident or making an insurance claim, you need to be mindful of the Washington State laws, particularly the ‘Statute of Limitations’. According to this statute, individuals have a time span of three years in order to approach the Washington court and to get their case started. There is no doubt about the fact that these car accident laws are quite complex, therefore it helps to have an expert by your side. Hence, you must consider getting an experienced car accident attorney to defend you and fight for your case.

The services offered by an injury attorney or lawyer is particularly useful in case of individuals who are not comfortable with the process of dealing with Washington car accident lawsuits and settlements. Even though the auto accident law in Washington is quite open-ended and not very technical, i.e. it is treated more or less like any other personal injury or tort case, it is still advisable to have a lawyer by your side. After all, you never know how the other party would defend his/her case, therefore things can get highly complicated in the court and the end result may not be what you’ve hoped for or expected.

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