Colorado Bail Bondsman

If your find yourself in trouble with the law, and are arrested, the first thing that they want to do is to get out of jail. Following the arrest, they would go before the judge to have bail set. Typically, the amount of bail set depends on the severity of the crime. If you do not have the money to get yourself out of jail, you would need to contact a Denver bail bondsman.  If you happen to have broken a Colorado DUI DWAI law, we recommend a bondsman and a specialized DUI or Criminal Defense lawyer.

How Does A Bail Bondsman Work?

A bail bondsman will put up the bail necessary to get you out of jail, with a few stipulations. First, you would be required to put up at least 10 percent of the bail, in cash, which is non refundable. Even if your case is thrown out of court before the trial or if you are found not guilty, you would still not get your money back. The second stipulation is that you must agree to show up for every court date. If you do not, the bondsman can have your bail revoked, and hire a bounty hunter to bring you back to jail.

Pros of Using A Bail Bondsman

There are several advantages of using a bail bondsman when you are arrested.

1. When you have someone to post your bail, you can be released from custody, giving you a chance to work on your case with your lawyer outside of prison.
2. A bail bondsman will take on all of the financial responsibility of posting your bail. This can be a huge weight off of your shoulders.
3. When you hire a bail bondsman, your family does not need to feel pressured to post the bail to have you released.

Cons of Using A Bail Bondsman

While there are several benefits of using a bail bondsman, there are also a few disadvantages.

1. Not every bail bondsman is trust worthy. If you do not do your research to find a credible company, it can lead to problems with your bail.
2. Some bail bond companies will add information in the fine print, regarding both your responsibilities and the company’s responsibilities. If you do not read the fine print carefully, it could negatively affect your bail status.

You should request a hearing at the Colorado Motor Vehicle Department within seven days of being arrested. Failure to request a hearing will result in losing your ability to drive for an undetermined amount of time.  Often times, a bail bonds company is the only way that you can be released from jail after being arrested. As long as you understand what they will do for you and what your responsibilities are, these companies can help.